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2023 Eurasia·China Zhengzhou Amusement Equipment Expo

39 Views Mar 03, 2023

2023 Eurasia·China Zhengzhou Amusement Equipment Expo (referred to as "CAEE Eurasia Amusement Equipment Exhibition") is a grand exchange and cooperation event for large-scale amusement facilities and equipment. CAEE 2023 Eurasia Amusement Equipment Exhibition will take "New Development, New Amusement, New Opportunity" as the theme, gather high-quality resources from the upper, middle and lower reaches of the global amusement equipment industry, and promote the integration and innovation of the industry.

The conference will build an international exchange and cooperation platform for both suppliers and buyers in the fields of unpowered amusement equipment, scenic park amusement equipment, water amusement equipment, commercial amusement equipment, smart amusement equipment, children's amusement projects, amusement facilities and services, so that participating brand enterprises Carry out a 3-day centralized face-to-face exchange, negotiation and business cooperation with buyers, distributors, investors, technology experts, industry enthusiasts and other industry professionals present. At the same time, the conference will wholeheartedly provide all participants with one-stop exhibition and trade business services integrating brand promotion, trade transactions, technical exchanges, investment promotion, network accumulation, investment and financing docking and other functions. Promote the accelerated integration of scientific and technological innovation, cultural inheritance and physical projects, and promote the high-quality development of the amusement equipment industry in the central and western regions of my country.

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